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Web design for projects with a positive impact. Freelance web designer with experience in WordPress, Divi and Woocommerce.

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How I can help

Through the design of your website, I can help your project gain visibility and you to achieve your goals.
  • You want to migrate to the online world without losing the essence of your idea
  • You consider what you are offering to be special, and you would like your website to reflect this in detail.
  • You want your web to be developed using a reliable and intuitive system that allows you to make changes in the future.
  • You’re starting a project; you feel lost and you’re looking for a person to give you advice or to take care of your digital needs.
  • You already have a website, but you need to make changes, update content, optimize its performance or improve its Google ranking.

Freelance web designer, specialized in WordPress, DIVI and Woocommerce

Wordpress / DIVI / Woocommerce

Around 30% of the world’s websites are built using WordPress (60% if we only consider those built with CMS – Content Management Systems). WordPress provides a high degree of customization, performance, and security.

The combination of WordPress and the DIVI visual builder (100% responsive) makes it easy for you to manage changes in the future, without any knowledge of coding. My services include the DIVI license and several premium plugins for WordPress at no extra cost.

One of the most widespread and best-valued tools for e-commerce that allows you to implement secure, robust, and fully functional online shops. Whether you own a physical shop or not, open your products or services catalogue to the world and start selling online.

Visual Identity / UX

The set of design elements in a website (logo, typography, images, colours, etc) help to create the visual identity of your project

UX (User Experience): Together with this visual identity, we will develop a clear, simple and attractive navigation to improve the user experience on your website.


A good SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy will better position your website in search engines like Google, and in this way attract potential customers. My focus is on the on-site SEO, carrying out actions to improve the SEO ranking of your website.

SEO is a science in itself and achieving a good ranking in search results can be a complicated task. It depends principally on what you do, what your competitors do and on Google’s algorithm, which is updated frequently. I will share some advice and simple actions for you to continue to improve your ranking in the future.


For communication of all types (whether through the web, social networks, emails, publications, blog posts, etc.) it is essential to take care with language while sharing clear messages – that include calls to action – and always keeping in mind the target audience we are addressing.

Speed / Performance

Website performance is essential. Users don’t wait. If a web doesn’t load, they will try a different one. Furthermore, loading speed is one of the factors that Google uses to determine ranking in its search results.

The use of tools such as WP Rocket cache and Imagify (both included in my services), along with other actions, will allow us to optimize resources and achieve high performance and loading speed.

  •  SEO

Any questions? Feel free to get in touch!


A showcase of my web and e-commerce work

More about me?

My name is Rafa Ramos. I have been working with web technologies, communications, and digital marketing in local and international projects for more than 15 years, in both Spanish and English.

I am very committed to social and environmental justice, as well as being passionate about music, cookery, and my vegetable garden.

In the last few years, I have worked in countries all over the world, getting to know very different realities and learning with amazing people, while gaining new skills and experience in different aspects of design, web development, communications and digital marketing. I continue to take courses on a variety of topics to keep up to date with the latest trends.

Every activity we carry out has an impact.

We are responsible for deciding if that impact will be positive.


I work with hosting services from companies that not only offer an excellent service, but also operate more sustainably than others, using clean energy and focusing on the reduction of energy consumption.

Small details can change a whole approach. Perhaps your project offers something completely different – something that makes it special and stand-out from the rest – while at the same time creating a positive impact on society. Differentiate yourself from others!

To be honest, my life doesn’t revolve entirely around the world wide web. That would be no life at all!

In fact, I am a restless and curious person. I love music and I have been a guitarist and bass player in several bands, composing and playing music wherever I go. I really enjoy my modest home studio, where I can spend hours plugged in, recording, and editing tracks.

This passion also led me to start recording and editing videos.

I love nature and enjoy it whenever I can; appreciating the changes that the different seasons bring.

An advocate for social and environmental justice, I am also a great lover of cooking but, without a doubt, what nourishes me most is taking care of my vegetable garden, learning about other cultures, and supporting other people to achieve their goals.


I believe that small actions, when brought together, can lead to big changes.

What motivates me most is to create, to grow ideas from scratch, the possibility of forming a community around an initiative that I believe in.


I aim to support people to achieve their goals by creating digital projects that impact society and the environment in a positive way.

What other people say

A selection of testimonials about me and my work


  • Web design from scratch, improvement of your current website or advice
  • Tailor-made budget in accordance with your needs
  • Hosting and web domain contract coverage
  • Make changes to your website without needing to know programming. Don’t worry, coding is my business : )
  • Responsive website (adapted to different screen sizes)
  • High loading speed
  • SEO basics and tips to improve positioning
  • Secure web / SSL certificate (https)
  • 10% discount for social and environmental initiatives that have a positive impact.

Any questions?

Feel free to get in touch!

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